Entertainment Odds: Brad Pitt vs. Johnny Depp in Race to Altar

Hollywood was turned upside-down on Tuesday when lawyers for Angelina Jolie announced she was filing for divorce from Brad Pitt. Not long after the story broke, betting odds were released for the soon-to-be bachelor and what his future marital plans may hold. Also included on the entertainment props board: Johnny Depp, who reached a settlement last month with ex-wife Amber Heard after she filed for divorce in May.

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Who will these former leading actors marry next? In Pitt’s case, there are two betting options at press time: Actress at –130 and Other at –110. For Depp, Actress remains the favorite at –140, followed by Model (+175), Singer (+300) and Athlete (+900). You can also bet on which gentleman will remarry first. Depp is the heavy favorite at –200 to reach the altar before Pitt (+150).

A Bloomberg report from this February shows that actors are very likely to marry within their own profession, so Actress is the likely choice for both Pitt and Depp – although they might have other ideas now that they’re both in their early 50s and twice-divorced. As for the race to remarry, Depp is eligible right now, while Pitt’s status is “Separated.”

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