The Official Site of Optus Sport (Aus)

Optus Sport is a sports streaming service in Australia that is owned by Optus, a telecommunications company. The service offers live and on-demand coverage of a wide range of sports, with a focus on football (soccer), including the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and the FIFA World Cup.

In addition to live sports coverage, Optus Sport also offers a range of other programming, including analysis, highlights, and documentaries. The service is available to subscribers through Optus mobile and broadband plans, as well as through other pay-TV providers and streaming services.

The official website of Optus Sport is, where viewers can find information about the service, subscribe to the service, and access live streams and catch-up content. Optus Sport is also available on a variety of devices, including smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, and gaming consoles.

Overall, Optus Sport is a popular sports streaming service in Australia, offering a diverse range of live sports coverage and other programming to viewers across the region. Its focus on football, particularly the English Premier League, has made it a popular choice for football fans in Australia.
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